Visa List in Dubai, UAE

Do not rely on this table as the actual rules seem to vary depending on expat or visitor nationality, emirate of arrival, and any other random factors you can think of. Contact the DNRD helpline for official information (for Dubai), preferably two or three times to see if you get the same answer.

Type Length Renew Effective Notes
Conference Visit Visa 30 days No 01 Aug 2008
Employment Visa 30 days arranged by employer – not a work permit – entry only
Family Visit Visa 30/90 days No 01 Aug 2008 *possibly yes – AED1120 for 90 days min salary
Friend Visit Visa 30 days 01 Aug 2008 min AED10k salary – AED1000 deposit – not confirmed
Investor Visa 3 years invest AED70k in partnership with UAE National
Maid Visa UAE 1 year Yes
Medical Visit Visa 90 days Yes 1x renewal AED500
Mission Visa 90 days No 01 Aug 2008 cost AED600? renewable for AED500?
Mission Visa Business 14 days No *possibly 14 days – intended for professionals on short business trip
Multi-Entry Visa 180 days 01 Aug 2008 14 day max stay each visit
Parent Residence Visa 1 year Yes 01 Aug 2008 deposit AED5000 – need special FNRD permission
Residence Visa 3 years Yes employer or sponsor should arrange
Residence Visa Property 6 months Yes 01 Jun 2009 Validity period might be 180 days – conditions apply
Residence Visa Family 1-3 years Yes AED5000 deposit needed for parents
Student Visit Visa 60 days Yes 2x 01 Aug 2008 UAE university registration- renewal AED500
Tourist Visa 30 days Yes 1x 01 Aug 2008 only from hotels and tour operators or travel agents
Transit Visa 96 hours No 01 Aug 2008 need outbound ticket – some reports say 14 days
Visit Visa 30 days 30 days No 01 Aug 2008
Visit Visa 30/60 days 30 days Yes 1x *free visit visa countries – 30 days from Jan 2009 – see UAE visa run
Visit Visa 90 days 90 days No 1 Aug 2008
Visit Visa GCC* 30 days Yes 1x 01 Aug 2008 renewal Dh500 – *GCC nationals / citizens
Visit Visa GCC* 30 days Yes 1x 01 Aug 2008 renewal Dh200 – *visitors with GCC nationals
Visit Visa Renewal 30 days unknown *only for visit visa on arrival nationalities
Work Permit not a visa – employer arranges after arrival in UAE
  • This information is correct to the best of our knowledge as of 18 May 2010
  • * in “Effective” column means that visa type is expected to be no longer available after 01 August 2008.
  • * Residence Visas available via property purchases are in a state of flux with some reports saying they are not available. Whatever the true story is, no developer can “guarantee” a visa, and never could. They could only ever apply on your behalf to the UAE immigration / residency department, which would make the final decision.
  • Nationalities eligible for free visit visas on arrival will continue to be able to receive them after 01 August 2008, according to statements reported on 09 June 2008.
  • Visitors from countries which get a visit visa on arrival may still have a 60 day visit visa after 01 August 2008, even though passport will be stamped with a 30 day visa. Or it might really be only 30 days. Ask when you arrive how long it’s valid for … and tell others in the visit visa discussion. Or worse, the stamp says 60 days but it’s only valid 30 days – see UAE visit visa validity period.
  • If “Effective” column is empty, then that visa type will continue to be available as far as we know.
  • Most Visit Visas will require a deposit of 1000-2000 dhs to be left with the Naturalisation and Residency Department, refunded after visitor departs the UAE.
  • Limitations on renewal for free visit visas supposed to be 2x according to some reports but that information out of date from August 2009. The visit visa on arrival can be extended once for 30 days at the immigration department for a fee (about AED 600 in 2009), or do a Hatta visa run to obtain a new visa (or go to any convenient land border crossing).
  • Employers are required to arrange and pay for employee residence visas and work permits (but not their families).